Choosing the Right Ice Fishing Equipment

Ice fishing equipment has rapidly changed and more importantly, has become a lot safer in the past few years and it is all down to modern technology. Things have progressed massively compared to only a few decades ago but it does offer most the chance to keep their favorite sports alive and a little safer too.

Modern technology allows those going ice fishing the chance to go mobile offering more comfortable and better fishing capabilities. However, what equipment should you be looking to take on your next ice fishing trip?

The Wheel House

If you are going ice fishing, you are going to need a wheel house. Now, a wheel house is great and is now more versatile than ever before. Back in the old days it would take a good three to four hours to move the ice house or shack to another location and usually it wasn’t worth it. However, the new wheel house can be attached to the truck and moved easily to the next location without any fuss or hassle.

Ice Fishing Plastics

Plastics are really quite important for modern anglers because very few want to use live bait anymore. For a start bait can be costly especially if you don’t catch anything and secondly, who really wants to make a trip to the local bait shop when plastics are there? Exactly but these amazing little ice fishing plastics are great because they offer the chance to catch a great deal more fish simply because of the scent they give out.

The plastics work like live bait, the fish are attracted to them and when they bite, you simply need to reel them in. Of course, some will say live bait is the key and everyone is different so while you may not like the idea of the plastics, you can always fall back on live bait. This is an angler’s individual choice because only you know what works best.

An Underwater Camera

Now, a lot of people would say using an underwater ice fishing camera is cheating and takes all the fun out of ice fishing but it is a useful piece of equipment. Just think about how easy it can be to safely find out what is going on underneath the surface?! You can use the camera to find out whether or not your bait is attracting the fish and if not, you can of course make adjustments to help catch more.

Glow Jigs

These seem a little odd at times, especially when you’re just starting out however, glow jigs can be a very sought after tool. Glow jigs allow you to increase the chances of catching more fish because of the light they send out. If you are struggling to get a bite then you could consider using these instead to help attract the fish a little more. They do work and you might find the number of fish coming to your line is boosted significantly.

A Modern Rod

Most modern ice fishing rods have been designed so that they offer high quality results. The rods of today actually allow you to fight with the fish and reel them in a lot easier than ever before. Newer rods are a lot better because they are more versatile in a way and can allow you to comfortably draw in the fish. Yes, old school fishing rods are good but they aren’t as good as the new modern designed ones.

A Portable Shelter

There are many new shelters available today which put the old ones to shame. There are lots of great house-like shelters which are perfect for ice fishing and you should be trying these out. They are so versatile because they’re lightweight and very easy to move from one location to another. This gives everyone the chance to pack up and move to a new destination without too much trouble. These shelters even heat up pretty quickly so you are never out in the cold for too long.


GPS for ice fishing? It sounds crazy doesn’t it but using GPS can allow most the chance to make the day go a lot smoother. When you use GPS you can find the best spots, some of which aren’t even on the local maps. However, GPS can really be a useful tool to have no matter which part of the world you plan to go ice fishing at.

Ice Auger

When you go ice fishing you need to have a tool to make the holes in the ice and you ideally need something which is fast and effective. There cannot be anything better than the gas powered ice auger. These are nifty little tools that can cut through ice in seconds giving those with the prime spot the chance to catch a bite faster than ever before.

Portable Propane Heater

A portable heater is crucial for anyone going ice fishing. You are sitting out in the cold for hours and you must have a way to stay warm. The portable propane heaters can be good and they heat up shelters within minutes meaning you can easily get away from the cold, even if it’s only until you get another bite.

Use the Best Ice Fishing Equipment

In today’s world, the technology on offer is staggering but it means fishing enthusiasts can experience ice fishing like never before. Yes, there will be many who say using technology in fishing is wrong and that it takes away something from the experience however, it really doesn’t. Technology has enhanced the way people go ice fishing and may have made it a lot easier and safer for all.

Ice fishermen of years past didn’t have half the equipment available today but they missed out so much. Thousands spent days on end trying to catch one little fish and ended up returning home empty handed and it was demoralizing. However, there is so much on offer and even if you aren’t choosing fancy sonar or GPS, you still need to go ice fishing with the proper equipment.  The latest equipment today are all high-tech and they can be very useful.

The Dangers Associated With Ice Fishing

Ice fishing can be a wonderful way to spend the day but unfortunately it isn’t without risks. There are going to be times when ice fishing is boring and extremely dangerous. A good day of fishing can turn bad very quickly and if you aren’t aware of the risks or don’t take the right precautions you may end up seriously hurt. When you know the dangers you can hopefully learn from them and avoid them in the future.

Carelessness on the Ice

Ice is slippery at the best of times and even when you have the correct footwear you can still have an accident or two. One of the biggest dangers associated with ice fishing has to be the environment and the potential risk of being hurt. Now, you don’t look to go and get injured but one minor misstep and you’ve got a sprained ankle or broken wrist to contend with.

That is why you need to be aware of your surroundings at all times because one careless mistake could end up costing you dearly. One fall may cost you hundreds in medical bills and while many love ice fishing, they don’t think about the potential accidents.

Falling In

There is always going to be the risk of someone falling into the water whilst ice fishing. It’s the same with regular fishing – sooner or later someone will end up in the water – and sometimes, it’s hard to avoid since water is all around. The fishing area is going to be extremely slippery from the second you put a foot on it and sometimes, you just don’t pay enough attention to avoid unintentionally diving in.

Falling Through Thin Ice

When the ice conditions are poor every angler is put at risk. Ice can be thin and when it gets too thin, there are a few things which could happen. The first major issue is that you could end up putting your foot right through a sheet of ice; secondly you can fall in completely. Now, either way you will end up hurt because being exposed to icy waters for even a few seconds is bad.

For example, if you fall into the water completely you may not be able to get back out again depending on how thin the ice around is. We have all seen in movies when some unsuspecting character falls into the ice-covered lake and the ice around them break up too. You can’t pull yourself up and then you’re in serious trouble.

Also, if you aren’t a good or competent swimmer you can drown. Thin ice is a big problem because it can easily break up without a moment’s notice.

Vehicles Falling Into the Water

Most ice fishermen travel to the fishing spot with their vehicles and many use special mobile scooters and ice-safe vehicles however, these can easily fall through the ice too. Vehicles are heavy and if they apply a great deal of pressure to certain parts of the ice they can break the ice and fall into the water. It happens and as strange as it sounds, there have been hundreds, if not thousands, of accidents each year and you need to be aware of it. Yes, thin ice is bad and will cause most things to fall through but it isn’t the only issue you must be aware of.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Most wouldn’t believe it would be possible to get poisoned from carbon monoxide when fishing but it is. Most people going ice fishing will have some form of shelter whether they plan to spend one day or several outdoors and anglers use heaters to help fight the cold but it is these which cause most harm. If the heaters are set up incorrectly you can get poisoned and strangely this occurs more than you would think.


Anyone who has gone ice fishing before will understand how cold it can get. You are out in the elements for hours on end and there isn’t much to heat you up. The body isn’t used to the cold weather and when the temperature drops into below the minus region, the full effects will take effect. Frostbite is one of the first issues for you to worry about when it comes to being exposed to prolonged dropping temperatures and it can be very dangerous.

You don’t have to be sitting in Siberia to be effected by frostbite; you can be sitting out in your own back yard. However, frostbite remains a very serious issue because it can start affecting toes and fingers in very little time. You must stay warm at all times.

Changing Weather

Very few would think a slight change in the weather is something to be concerned about. You’re ice fishing and the temperatures are supposed to be cold however, you don’t just need to worry about dropping temperatures. When the temperature drops a few degrees, that is one thing but when the weather conditions change it can be very dangerous.

If you are stuck out in the middle of nowhere when a storm hits, this can be extremely bad for you in many ways. You could get seriously hurt one way or another and there isn’t going to be help for you. You are on your own and if you can’t get word out to rescue teams you don’t want to think where it can lead.

Weather can change quickly and sometimes for ice fishers, it changes far too rapidly and causes them a lot of issues. One of the biggest dangers of ice fishing has to be the fast-changing weather conditions; they can actually strand people out in breakaway ice floats with no form of help.

Heed Safety Precautions

When you know what potential dangers are out there whilst fishing you can avoid them. Yes, there are going to be times when accidents happen, it’s natural but many accidents can be avoided by simply understanding the dangers associated with ice fishing.

Ice fishing does have its risks like most things but it also has a lot of good points too. If you are thinking about going ice fishing or want to take this up, you always must know the risks so that you’re well informed and educated. Stay safe.

The Advantages of Ice Fishing

Ice fishing has become a very popular pastime for millions of people across the world and it isn’t difficult to see why. A new door opens allowing thousands the chance to get out into the great outdoors and try their hand at something new and something they love more importantly.

Fishing can be quite fun and it isn’t just for the more seasoned anglers as so many seem to believe, the younger generations are alive and kicking. However, many anglers aren’t sure whether ice fishing is for them. So, here are the advantages of choosing ice fishing as your next hobby.

No Skill Required

In all honesty, you don’t have to be a professional fisherman or angler to take up ice fishing; you can be a complete novice! There is no limitations on who can take up fishing; of course, a bit of skill with a fishing rod would help greatly but it isn’t essential and that is amazing. Essentially you are never left out while your friends and family members go ice fishing, you can go along and learn, even if you aren’t good at it!

Having the ability to take up ice fishing without the need for certain skills is a big advantage over a lot of other activities out there. Everyone can be included no matter their age or abilities.

Plenty of Fresh Air on Offer

Anglers are often some of the luckiest people because they get the chance to spot amazing scenery in their natural beauty. They can see lots of wildlife creatures in their everyday routines without disturbing them and can of course get a lot of fresh air. This is a big advantage because too many people are stuck indoors doing very little and while ice fishing might not seem the most strenuous activity, it gets you outdoors at least!

Having Fun

Ice fishing can be exciting and fun. You might not see it like this when you’re sitting freezing cold with only a fishing rod for company but it can be. Imagine yourself sitting for hours and then suddenly you get the first catch of the day – it will make the whole trip worthwhile, even if it’s just one small fish.

When you’re with friends and other anglers, you can make it a warm and friendly atmosphere because you are mostly in close quarters. You can chat with others and make it a good place to spend the day. There are lots of anglers who meet up once a month just to go ice fishing and it is really quite fun.

A New Challenge

Let’s be honest, ice fishing isn’t quite like regular fishing because while the idea remains the same, there are more obstacles in the way. For a start, you are out on the ice and that can be much more challenging than you think. Catching a fish is hard at the best of times and when you try ice fishing, you need some degree of patience! Going out on the ice is challenging in so many ways and it’s a great thing because it motivates you.

Fish Alone or With Company

A great advantage to ice fishing is that you don’t technically need to go out with a group of people, you can go alone. In most cases, when you head to the local fishing spots, there are other anglers and many of them will make conversation with you so even if you’re the only angler in the family you can still enjoy fishing. Going out with a group can be great but if you don’t want to, you don’t have to.

If you rather have some alone time then you can choose some of the lesser known fishing spots. It’s your choice how much company you would like and even if you don’t want to go with a lot of people, there is no need. Modern practices offer every angler the ability to go fishing without the need of a lot of equipment or helpers.

The Right Environment

Most believe fishing is only for the warm months however, the winter is the perfect time to take up fishing! Ice fishing has never been more popular and it can be such a fun way to enjoy a new take on fishing. Big-time anglers always love to try their hand at ice fishing because it is unique in every sense and it can be the right environment for you too.

Winter isn’t something to fear, embrace it! Every angler who chooses to go ice fishing will experience fishing like never before. Heading out onto a frozen lake or waterway can be amazing in so many ways and you will love it!

No Need to Wait For Sunshine

You don’t need the sun to make an appearance to fish. Really, you can go out and ice fish no matter the weather and the reason why is simply because you have shelter. You can head out when the weather is good and when things turn a little sour, you can take shelter in fishing tents, shacks or fishing houses meaning you can enjoy fishing whenever you want to! Yes, most would choose to fish on a clear day but if the weather changes or you just want to get outdoors, nothing can stop you.

Heat Aplenty

As mentioned above, when you go ice fishing you have a variety of shelter options available to you. You can choose to pitch up a tent, or use portable shacks or fishing houses; but no matter which shelter you choose, you can always remain warm. When you use the fishing houses or shacks, you can use heaters to help heat you up when you want to take a break from fishing.

Relaxing All Day Long

Ice fishing can be one of the best activities to help you relax. There are thousands of people who take up fishing to help de-stress from their daily lives and chill out as it were! You can sit back, relax and enjoy the scenery forgetting all of your troubles for a few hours and even if you don’t catch a fish, it’s a wonderful experience.

Still Worried About Ice Fishing?

There are going to be a lot of people who say ice fishing is too dangerous and isn’t worth trying but actually, it is one of the best options available today. You can learn so much with ice fishing and it can be extremely fun too when you give it a chance.

Staying Safe Is Crucial When Ice Fishing

Millions of people go out ice fishing each year and for many they find it an enjoyable experience. However, ice fishing can be quite risky. You are walking around on ice and you never know what can happen yet many don’t know how they can reduce the risk of being hurt when out on the ice. So, how can you stay safe when ice fishing?

Watch Out For Weak Spots

Ice is dangerous at the best of times and you don’t just have to be worried about slipping and hurting an ankle, you also have to be wary of falling straight through it. Weak spots are particularly treacherous and are often hidden in plain sight. When the ice is particularly thin or weak it can be extremely dangerous because it’s already at breaking point and when additional pressure is placed on it, it can break.

If you want to stay safe, you must avoid them entirely. Keep a sharp eye over the entire ice at all times, no matter if it appears safe. Before stepping onto the ice, look over the area and see whether or not there are signs of weak or thin ice and do the same even when you have been out on the ice for hours. Things can change quickly and ice can become extremely weak so you must have a wary eye at all times to remain safe.

Go With a Friend

When you want to remain safe whilst ice fishing, you are best to buddy up. Now, sometimes, heading out with a friend mightn’t always be possible however, you should try to go out with someone. It can be extremely dangerous to go out alone because if you get hurt, there is no one around to help you so when you want to go ice fishing, try to get someone to accompany you. You might be surprised and find a few people would like to go ice fishing.

Check Weather Conditions Before Leaving

When a storm is about to hit the local area you do not want to be stuck out in the middle of the ice. It’s extremely dangerous because during the stormy conditions, you could get hurt or the ice could become unstable so you don’t want to take the risk. Going out to ice fish when a storm is approaching is mad because you are putting yourself in the firing line needlessly.

Instead, before you step a toe out of the front door, check on the local weather forecast for the upcoming hours. This will give you an idea of what the weather should be like within the next day or so and you can decide whether or not it’s safe to go ice fishing. Checking the weather conditions is important because it can keep you safe from harm.

Keep an Eye on the Changing Weather Conditions

If the weather holds up until you make it out onto the ice, you still have to be extremely aware of it. Usually, the signs are there when things are about to turn bad and you need to remain alert for the signs the weather is going to get worse. It may be clouds overhead or a drop in wind or temperature; but no matter what the signs are, take note of them. Before things get bad, get out of the area.

Wear a Life Jacket at All Times

No one wants to think about the worst situation however we all have to be realistic. When you go ice fishing there is a strong possibility you are going to end up in the water. Should someone end up falling through ice the first thing they do is panic and that can often lead to disaster. You must remain calm and to help keep you safe, you should wear a life preserver. Life jackets are useful and you’d be surprised how many ice fishermen actually wear these because more are now using these.

Don’t Take Any Unnecessary Vehicles Out Onto the Ice

A lot of people make the mistake of believing ice is strong and that it can hold thousands of pounds in weight. Unfortunately, ice is weak and a little added pressure can easily cause it to break away and when you make the mistake of taking a heavy vehicle out onto the ice, you are asking for trouble. Yes, there are thousands of anglers who take their vehicles out each year but they are putting themselves at risk.

Vehicles aren’t meant for ice simply because they are way too heavy, even when they aren’t overloaded. If you want to stay safe when ice fishing you must keep your vehicle away from the ice; otherwise you risk having a nasty accident. Don’t take the risk.

Use Your Best Judgment

Trusting your gut instincts might appear to be a little foolish at times especially when nothing goes wrong but sometimes, the risk is not worth it. If you ever feel a little worried about the ice conditions or the weather then trust what your head and heart are telling you – they might save your life.

Closed Off Areas Are There For a Reason

There aren’t too many areas which are closed off but when you do come across these places, you must avoid them. Now, if the local authorities have chosen to pitch signs informing you the area is closed off, it’s for a good reason and you need to heed the warning. Never cross into an area which is out-of-bounds because the ice in the area may be unsafe. Keep away from any closed off areas no matter how safe they look to you.

Safety Is Important

Too many people go out on the ice and find themselves in deep trouble. It is just so easy to get into trouble on the ice and sometimes, it can be avoided. That is why you need to know how to stay safe when you are going ice fishing. Knowing a few basic things could end up saving you or the life of another.

When and Where Is the Best Time to Go Ice Fishing?

If you are looking for a fun new adventure this winter, there can be nothing better than ice fishing! Really, when you step out onto the icy lake and wait for the fish to bite, it’s magical and you are just going to love it. There is nothing better than ice fishing and even though it doesn’t jump out immediately as a fun activity, it will. You are going to love the experience you can get from ice fishing but when and where are the best spots to choose?

Lake Baikal

One of the very best locations for ice fishing must be Lake Baikal which is found in the South East region of Siberia in Russia. This is one of the coldest places on earth and probably one of the top options for those looking to go ice fishing. Lake Baikal actually is the deepest freshwater lake in the world standing at 750 meters making it the perfect spot for ice fishing.

However, since Lake Baikal has some of the coldest temperatures around you have to be extra careful. Average temperatures in the region can reach anywhere from minus twenty to minus thirty and far beyond too! If you are heading out here, you are very brave because ice fishing here isn’t for the faint at heart. Though, Lake Baikal is beautiful and you will never forget your trip here.

Ideally, you should head out somewhere between October and February as these are the best times to go. When you arrive you can take a trip, a guided trip, across the lake and get to know the history behind the region. You can go ice fishing and learn so much about the local culture at the same time. You will love it truly!

Pigeon Lake

Canada is one of the top countries to head to when you want to go on a spot of fishing and Pigeon Lake won’t disappoint. Located in Alberta, Pigeon Lake offers the best location for those looking to catch whitefish. You are not going to need a great deal of equipment here just a good fishing rod and the right bait (maggots mostly).

Of course, Pigeon Lake is absolutely beautiful so while you will love to take in a spot of ice fishing, you may also want to explore the local area too. Primarily, September and November are prime times for fishing here.

Cold Lake

This beautiful ice fishing hot spot is also found in Alberta in Canada and is a great place to start fishing. However, here you are going to find trout and you are not going to be left disappointed. The trout in Cold Lake can reach weight of more than fifteen kilos and that is just an average count!

If you want to head out to Cold Lake you are going to need some serious skills! You are going to need a strong rod and good bait to attract the trout. The trout won’t give up without a fight and you are going to have to find some serious strength to haul in a few of these fighters.

Manistique Lakes

Found in the US State of Michigan, Manistique Lakes offer some of the best fishing prospects. Now, this is more for the family and is best during the coldest winter months; usually, November, December and January and you have three moderately sized lakes to contend with. Don’t be put off that you have three smaller lakes because they are still great and have lots of options on offer from pikes to bass and everything in-between.

If you want to get the entire family involved then Manistique Lakes will be the best place to choose. This is suitable for everyone and if you want to teach the kids how to ice fish, this is the number one spot for them.

Mondeaux Flowage

Mondeaux Flowage can be found in Wisconsin in the Chequamegon National Forest and is one of the most beautiful locations ever. However, be warned, to get to this gorgeous fishing hot spot you are going to need to go via snowmobile since its isolated. There are going to be a few good fishing options here from panfish to Northern pike and you will love the scenery!

Tampere Region

The Tampere Region is found within Finland and has to be one of the top class spots for ice fishing today! There is no better spot in Finland than here and it does offer every angler the chance to catch a lot of fish and some amazing scenery too.

The ice fishing season starts around November and it offers most, even inexperienced anglers, the chance to catch an array of fish from trout to perch and pike. There are plenty of beautiful lakes to admire within the region and you can choose any of them to go ice fishing on. The city of Tampere is gorgeous too and is one of the most perfect locations for those who want to mix a family holiday with a bit of ice fishing!


Located in Greenland, Ammassalik is a top ice fishing location to travel to. Ammassalik is actually a very secluded place to visit but one which almost every hardened ice fisher travels too. The halibut caught here can outweigh any other fish you have ever caught – they are massive – and you are going to find this is an once-in-a-lifetime experience no doubt about it.

However, if you are going to attempt to catch the halibut here you will need some serious skills! This isn’t for the faint at heart and there will be a lot of challenges but it’ll also be great fun for you.

River Lulea

If you want to head out to the River Lulea then you will head out over to Lapland! Really, you head out into Sweden’s Lapland region and here you can catch a variety of fish from salmon to trout and lots more. You might benefit from hiring a guide to help show you around the area and give you some much needed information about the local fishing area too.

Where Will You Choose?

The above locations are just some of the top options to consider when it comes to ice fishing and they are all amazing places to visit. If you have the money to go travelling then you can experience some of the harshest winter conditions and enjoy the best ice fishing spots or if you want to stay close to home, you can still have fun.

No matter where you choose to go ice fishing, enjoy the experience because it is so unique.

Choosing the Right Fishing Rods for Every Fish

There are quite a few fishing rods to choose from and many new anglers often find it an overwhelming decision to make. You don’t just have one or two fishing rods to choose from, you have hundreds and it isn’t as easy as you think. However, choosing the right rod will be important whether you want to fish for trout or pike.

When you have the right rod you catch more fish. Every angler will stress the importance of choosing the correct rod because it’s the single most important tool in fishing and you too need to make the right decision.

What Are Your Intentions?

The obvious answer – you’re going to fish – but what type of fishing do you plan? First and foremost, you have a few choices such as deep sea fishing, fly fishing and of course ice fishing and each of these are very different from one another and require different fishing rods and reels. It is also the same with the various types of fish out there; but when you know the exact type of fishing or fish you want to concentrate on choosing a rod will be much easier.

For example if you had the intentions of fishing larger fish such as sturgeons or salmons you couldn’t use a rod or reel which is suitable for smaller pond fishing, you would have to branch out on larger rods. However, when you know your intentions you can find the right rods and it will be much easier too.

Understand Your Level of Skills

Once you know what type of fish you are going to be looking for, you now need to think about the fishing skills you have. If you are just starting out, there is no need to choose fishing rods which are for the open ocean because you aren’t ready for this level yet. You may want to choose the right fishing rods however, there is absolutely no point in buying rods which are out of your league, and it’s a waste of money.

Choose a Suitable Length

Your rod can be anything from four feet to around fourteen and you need to be able to handle the rod you buy. If you aren’t experienced with a rod, you can do some serious damage with it so to help you choose the right fishing rod you need to choose the length to work with. Again, it does come down to what you plan to fish and the exact location too.

If you choose the shorter rods they usually cast a line over short distances and are best to catch the smaller fish. However, shorter rods are good when you want to be able to get a good handle on reeling in a struggling fish and actually can handle a lot of big game fish too.

When you choose the longer rods you have the ability to stretch a line further and can be used from a variety of options. If you want to get into fly fishing then the longer rods are best because they offer the most versatility for this task.

Understand the Weight of the Rod

Rods come in all sorts of weights and the weight will determine the suitable option for you. When the rod is heavier you have the ability to catch bigger fish since the rod is essentially stronger. The exact weight of the rod can allow you to determine how much weight you can comfortably and safely reel in whilst fishing. Remember, rods which are designed to carry bigger loads are generally stronger but it does depend on what you are fishing for.

A Heavy Action

When fishing rods come with a light action it means they are going to work best to catch smaller fish. However, when a rod has a heavy action to it, you can choose to catch larger fish such as bass simply because the backbone of the rod is stronger. A heavy action often means anglers can go after bigger fish since it can handle most fish.

Fiberglass and Graphite Rods

There are two types of rod materials to choose from, fiberglass and graphite. The fiberglass rods are generally heavy but come with a lot more flexibility which means they don’t break easily. However, the graphite rods are a lot more costly than fiberglass and are very easy to break. If you are an angler who wants to catch a variety of fish then a combination material of fiberglass and graphite is best.

Spinning and Casting Reels

You have the choice of a casting or spinning reel and while both are good, they work very differently. For example, the casting reel is more for those who want manual control; you get more control over the reel but if you aren’t experienced with these reels, they are harder to use. Spinning reels are best for those just starting out and work for most fishing needs too.

Deep Sea Fishing

When anglers are heading out to the open sea, they take the game to a whole new level because the fish found in the sea can range from small little foot-long fish to a thousand pound shark. For those choosing deep sea fishing you absolutely must choose long and heavy rods. These rods are going to be able to reach the deepest of levels but also remain strong to help reel in heavy loads.

Pier Fishing With Shorter Rods

If you choose to go pier fishing, which has become very popular, you are going to have to take into consideration those around you. Piers are busy even when the weather isn’t great and when the weather is beautiful things will get busy very fast and you don’t technically have a lot of room to work with. This means you have to work with shorter rods but you must be able to cast a great distance in order to reach the ocean floor. You can get smaller rods with a heavy cast line in order to catch fish deep below the ocean floor.

Ask for Help at an Angler’s Store

There are plenty of stores which specialize in fishing equipment and if you don’t know which rod is specifically right for you, head to a local store and get some recommendations. You could get a lot of help here to find the right rod for the type of fish you wish to catch.

The Top 10 Tips for Successful Fly Fishing

Fly fishing is great; it presents most with a wonderful new challenge and thousands try their hand at it each year. However, beginners often find fly fishing a difficult task simply because they don’t have much luck. It can be troubling because you can actually spend a good ten or twelve hours in the same spot and catch absolutely nothing! It doesn’t have to be this way, not when you have a few tips under your belt.

If you want to know how to become successful whilst out on the open sea, read on and find the top 10 tips for fly fishing. They may just come in use one day.

Dress Appropriately

It doesn’t matter what time of the day or month you’re heading out to do a bit fly fishing, you always must wear the right clothing. Now, most wouldn’t see how dressing appropriately could help someone have success when fly fishing but it can. You aren’t being hampered by incorrect garments meaning you have full use of your movements and you can easily reel in the better fish without worrying if you get hurled into the water.

Firstly, you need some good thick woolen socks to help fight the cold; cotton is good but wool offers a little more comfort and is much better to keep the feet warm. Ideally you want to have a few good layers on so that you fight the cold and in all honesty, it isn’t just the winter months that you will find it gets cold. As everyone knows the weather can change very quickly and even when its spring or summer, things can get very chilly, very fast so it’s best to use a few good layers to help insulate your body heat.

Fleece-line pants, undershirts, polo or zip neck shirts are necessary along with a heavy jumper and a wind and waterproof coat. You need to be able to stave off the cold and most people forget this and some think what you wear whilst fishing won’t help to succeed but it will. When you wear the right clothing you have a better frame of mind and it will keep you focused on catching the fish more than fighting the cold.

Find the Best Spot for Fly Fishing

Every stretch of water is different from the next whether it’s a lake, ocean or stream but they all have one thing in common – when the weather is bad, getting a catch is harder. You may have a spot picked out but during the course of the year, this ideal spot may not be so ideal.

Sometimes, certain streams are best at certain peaks of the year, when the fish is in high numbers. For example if a stream close to you offered the best fly fishing during May, June and July, this would be your spot for those months but when the peak season faded away, you search elsewhere. You cannot solely rely on hot stream or lake when you want to have success with fly fishing because throughout the year there are going to be high times and low times and it means the place you think is best won’t be. Alternating to several spots during the year may allow you to catch more fish.

Use the Right Fishing Rod for Your Targets

When you’re going fly fishing you need to think wisely about what fish you want to reel in. For example if you were focusing your efforts on trout or salmon you would need to use a rod specifically designed to catch these. It doesn’t matter which type of fish you want to catch, you always need to use the right rods otherwise you will waste a lot of time.

Choose Your Timings Carefully

Ideally you don’t want to go out fishing later than noon because the best fishing opportunities have past. If you miss the key times to head out then you are not going to have much success when it comes to fly fishing. When in doubt, head out early in the morning and you should be able to catch a few tasty fish.

Have a Strategy for Success

Before you head out onto the open waters you need to have a plan of attack as to how you will approach fly fishing. For example, will you remain in the same location for the entire day or will you split the day up when the fish aren’t playing ball with you? This is important to think about because if you don’t come up with a plan or strategy you can lose an entire day. However, when you carefully plan how you will attract the fish you can be a lot more successful.

Research the Area

You are choosing a certain lake, ocean or stream to go fly fishing in and it can go one of two ways. It can go very good or extremely bad; however, when you want to be successful with fly fishing and start catching more fish, you need to know the area. Researching the specific area you are choosing to go fly fishing can determine how successful your day will be because if the area has a reputation of poor fishing numbers, you know it’s not the ideal spot to set up.

Get to know the area first before casting out your lines.

Start Off Small

Targeting the largest of fish is not always the wisest move when you’re just starting out with fly fishing. Of course, you may be that very lucky one who manages to bag an extremely large catch but let’s face it, unless you have some serious fly fishing skills, it won’t happen! However, you don’t need to become a die-hard hardened angler just yet; you have plenty of time to do so. Instead, you want to focus on the smaller targets which will give you good experience.

Stick To the Right Equipment

Most fly fishing beginners often start out with the wrong tools. It’s important to start off with rods suitable for beginners simply because it is what your skill levels are suited to. Smaller rods also allow you to get a few successful catches under your belt too giving you the confidence to improve and learn more. This is where every fly fishing angler starts out and it’s important to have the right tools and equipment to become a success.

The Bait Used Is Crucial

When you are fly fishing you need to know or understand what type of fish you’re focusing on because you need to use the correct bait. Anglers will know how crucial the bait can be because if the wrong bait is used, the chances of catching a fish reduce significantly and it’s a wasted day. Instead, you need to look at watch fish you are targeting so that the right bait can be used to help lure them to your fishing line.

Know the Weather

Thousands of fly fishers don’t take the weather conditions into consideration when they go out but the weather can have a huge impact on success. The reason why simple, if the weather is causes disruption to the ocean or stream floor, the fish will effectively be scared off and it won’t be easy to get a catch. You could end up wasting hours and you aren’t going to learn anything than when not to fish.

Find Success

Fly fishing can be so easy and any beginner who wants to learn can learn. The above tips are just ten factors that may allow you to be a little more successful when fly fishing. Why not try them out? They may just help you.

The Basics of Bass and Salmon Fishing

Fishing is a popular sport for many and there is nothing better than a spot of salmon or bass fishing. Now, salmon is different from bass but they are two of the most popular species of fish being hunted today. The following are the basics you may want to know about salmon and bass fishing.

Pre-Spawn Times Work Best For Bass

When you are fishing for bass, you are going to want to choose the opportune moment. There is no better time than pre-spawn. Now, the pre-spawn time is when the temperature of the water gets high and the bass start moving into the shallow regions. This is when you strike because there are tones of bass out there just waiting to be caught and you won’t get a better shot than this.

The Weather Control the Habits of Bass

You might not be aware of this but the weather can play a huge part in the rituals of the bass. For example, when the weather is poor and its rainy and generally damp and miserable, the bass will be out more enjoying the conditions. However, when the weather is extremely good and is hot, the bass aren’t going to like this. Remember, the warm sun can shine down onto the water and heat it up causing the bass to dislike it and seek shelter which means you won’t catch many.

Basically you have to adjust your fishing strategies accordingly. When the weather isn’t good for you, it’s probably best for the bass. So, if you plan to go out when the weather is hot and sunny you may have to do more work to catch even one bass.

Get Out Early and Find Drop off Points

The ideal time to catch bass would be first thing in the morning; usually most fish can be caught at this time simply because it’s when they get ready to feed. However, if the weather isn’t particularly nice outside, you may find the bass are easy to catch but it does depend on the weather and what mood they are in. You also need to consider searching for drop-off points too so that you can find where the bass seeks shelter. This may allow you to catch more without waiting hours.

Live Bait Is Needed

Artificial lures can be good on occasion however if you want the best chance for success you need to consider live bait. Worms are going to be the best options for you to consider when it comes to catching bass because they are more responsive to these. Of course, you may choose an artificial lure but live bait works a little better.

A Catch Is a Catch

Most people seem to think if they don’t catch a huge bass it’s a waste of time however that isn’t the case. Catching even one fish, no matter its size, is an achievement. There aren’t many people who can say they have caught a bass with little or no help so the size doesn’t matter. Of course if you manage to bag a big bass then you would have bragging rights until the end of time but don’t just focus on them.

The Basics of Catching Salmon

Anyone who has tried fishing for salmon before will know how tough it can be. Salmon is a strong fish and they are not easily caught. You have to know how to approach salmon fishing carefully as well as know how you can be successful. The following are a few basic pointers to remember whilst salmon fishing.

The Bait

The best bait for salmon fishing has to be eggs. Yes eggs – roe to be exact – but they work wonders. Now, you can easily purchase roe from local supermarkets or even make them yourself; it’s your choice. However, if you aren’t too keen on using roe you could always look at artificial lures which could help catch the salmon too. Just be careful, sometimes, actual bait works better than artificial bait.


Drifting is one of the best solutions to help catch salmon. The way this works is very simple, you set up your lines upstream but they drift down stream. When the line drifts away, it is drawn to the salmon and if they salmon like the bait they will come in for a bite. This is fast becoming a very popular route when it comes to salmon fishing.

A Permit Is Required

As you know fishing requires a license however, when you are going to set your sights on salmon, your license alone isn’t going to be enough. You are also going to need a special permit which allows you to catch salmon. Now, if you don’t get this permit and are found fishing for salmon you could end up in serious trouble. Every State has their own rules over this so be aware.

Keep Your Hooks Sharp

Salmon is one of the hardest types of fish to catch and they are quite strong. Their jaws are thick which means blunt hooks are not going to work; you need sharp hooks, very sharp. Keeping the hooks sharp is will be crucial when it comes to catching salmon and since you’re using sharper hooks, you need to be extra careful. Of course, if you want success with salmon fishing you are going to need the very best of the best hooks. You will also need to take extremely good care of them too.

Wait For Overcast Conditions

When it comes to fishing for salmon you are going to have to wait for the right weather conditions. This is often tough because salmon love overcast weather and you probably aren’t too keen on heading out at this time; however if you want salmon you need overcast weather. Yes, you could try hunting for salmon when the weather is a little more favorable but it makes it harder to succeed.

Dusk and dawn are two crucial timing points to consider along with overcast conditions. You are going to get the best light conditions during these times. Stay sharp and choose the prime time to go fishing for salmon.

Salmon and Bass – The Best on Offer

Knowing the basics about bass and salmon fishing can be very useful when you want to branch out into this field. Yes, bass and salmon are complicated at times but when you know what to do, catching them can be very easy. Learn the basics and become a competent fisher today.

Simple Ways to Increase Your Fish Catches

Whether you are an experienced angler or a newcomer, you always want to catch lots of fish. If you catch few or no fish at all then it can be such a wasted day. Hundreds of anglers turn away from fishing because they don’t catch enough to make it worth their while and it’s a big shame. Fishing is a fun activity but unfortunately, anglers, especially newcomers often struggle to increase the number of fish they catch. So, here are a few simple but effective ways to help increase the numbers.

Pick the Ideal Spot

It doesn’t matter what type of fish you hope to catch, if you don’t choose the right location you won’t catch a single fish. The location you choose can determine your success with fishing and you need to be a little smart in your approach. You don’t necessarily need to choose a spot where most anglers use, just somewhere that is going to attract most fish.

Use Sharp Hooks

It might seem a little stupid to point out anglers need to use sharp hooks however; you would be surprised at the amount of people using blunt hooks. In order to have success with fishing and increase the amount of fish you can catch, you need to use sharp hooks. It doesn’t take too long to sharpen up the hooks and it can be beneficial when you want to boost the number of fish caught in a day.

Live Bait

Every angler is different in terms of how they approach ice fishing but the type of bait used will determine how successful they are. Live bait is necessary and using insects which are native to the water you are fishing in is important. If you don’t use the correct bait then the amount of fish you’ll catch isn’t going to improve; instead of using the wrong bait, use insects fish eat in their daily lives. This will give you the very best chance to increase the amount of fish you can catch.

Artificial lures are good in some cases; however, your best bet is to stick with live bait because it’s more effective. Using the wrong bait will only lead you to wasting your money and time in the long run.

Understand How to Set the Hooks

Most newcomers struggle with this simply because they are inexperienced. However, you need to set your hooks up correctly in order to catch fish. Incorrect set hooks can often lead to fish escaping and that isn’t what you want. Learning how the hooks need to be set up can ensure you increase the amount of fish you can catch.

High Quality Rods Are Important

Poorly constructed rods are going to break fast especially when you’re reeling in a big fish. If you spend money on the wrong rods, you aren’t just wasting money but time fishing because you aren’t going to do a lot with these. When you invest money in a good quality-made rod, it will help you to catch more fish.

Quality rods are an investment but you see a return on your investment by the amount of fish you can catch. Stronger rods are able to reel in more fish and do you really want to waste money buying rod after rod? Of course not and you don’t need to when you buy high quality rods.

Fish at the Right Times

Most fish like to feed at certain times of the day such as at dawn and when the sun is setting. It makes sense they would go out in search for food mostly at these times and it might be the best time for you too. Anyone who wants to increase the amount of fish they can catch should go hunting when the fish come out to feed because they will be more attracted to your live bait than at other times during the day. This is something you must consider when it comes to increasing your fish count.

Use Two Lines

You can double your chances of making a successful catch when there are more fishing lines out there. It makes perfect sense and it is so easy to set up fishing lines and leaving them to attract the fish. When one of the lines attracts a fish, you can reel the fish in; and even though this seems like an obvious option, many don’t think about it. Having two or even more lines set up can increase your chances of catching fish greatly.

Move When Fish Aren’t Biting

If the fish aren’t coming to you, you need to come to them. Sometimes, it’s best to move locations to increase the chances of catching a fish and while it might be a pain to you it can be successful. You could stick to a certain area for an hour or two and if it looks to be a very slow day pack up and move elsewhere. There is no point in sticking to a location that isn’t attracting the fish.

Educate Yourself on the Local Fishing Spot

There are going to be dozens of potential fishing areas to choose from and it can be extremely difficult to know which attracts the most fish. However, if you want to increase your catch count then you need to get to know the very best fishing areas. Learn about certain zones you want to fish in and get to know whether or not it’s a prime location for fishing. There are going to be a lot of prime fishing spots and when you find even one of them, you have the potential to boost your catches significantly.

Love Fishing

Being able to boost the amount of fish you can catch will be important because as most will understand, it’s terribly frustrating to sit all day and catch one fish! Not having a good fish catch is annoying at the best of times and usually it means anglers walk away. You don’t want this and you shouldn’t be left sitting for hours without a catch. When you know simple ways to increase your fish catches it can make the waiting worthwhile.

A Beginner’s Guide to Fishing

Fishing has changed quite a bit over the past few years and it has become very popular indeed. Of course, fishing has always been popular but it used to just be with men of a certain age; however, now, men, women and children are trying their hand at fishing and it can be quite fun if you give it a go! However, knowing where to start is difficult so the following is a brief but hopefully a thorough beginner’s guide.

Apply For a Fishing License

A permit of license is required for those who wish to fish. Now, it doesn’t matter which part of the country you reside in or where you want to go fishing, everyone must carry a permit. If you do not have permit or license you cannot fish legally and if caught without a license you could get into serious trouble. So, first and foremost, you must look at acquiring a license which is very easy to do, contact the local fishing board or government office for the proper application forms.

Buying the Equipment

You must buy things such as a fishing tackle, rod, reel, hooks, poles, nets and even waders. These are just a handful of the necessary equipment, there are lots more but you will need them all. The correct equipment is vital when it comes to fishing because you can’t head out with a regular fishing pole and hope for the best. You are not going to do a lot with that and in reality; you need to be a little wise in your approach.

You can easily go to a local fishing supply shop and pick out a good basic fishing tool box full of the necessary equipment needed. Generally it will be inexpensive to buy and you will be able to get most of the tools and equipment needed here.

Fishing Bait

Most will understand if there is no bait, there is no fish and when you look to catch even one single fish you must use the correct bait. There is a huge amount of bait options out there however, worms usually do the trick. Most fish eat worms and they are probably your best option when you’re just starting out.

Getting Started

Beginners don’t often want to head out to an isolated spot when fishing because it can be very lonely and at times, dangerous. You should start off at your level, basic, and that means starting off with the smallest fishing pond you can find. This might not sound pleasant or appealing, however, it gives you a taste of what it will be like out on the open seas. It doesn’t matter which area of fishing you want to concentrate on, you want to start from the very bottom and go with the baby ponds.

Yes, sticking to on-shore fishing can seem something only ‘old men’ do but actually it is a sensible option for most. When you choose to sit at a riverbank side and start fishing, you can get a sense of the task at hand and you can see how much of a challenge it can be to sit for hours on end waiting for a bite.

Close Season

Every country has their own fishing laws and regulations and depending on where you specifically want to fish you may run into difficulties. Some regions don’t just have strict rules on fishing in certain areas but also prevent people from fishing during parts of the year. This is called a close season and closed seasons are really the times when the local government shuts down the local fishing scene.

No one can go fishing during a close season and if you are caught fishing during this time; you are going to get into a whole lot of trouble. There aren’t too many people who take kindly to people fishing in local waters during the closed months and you don’t want to upset everyone. Of course, if you are fishing locally then you may already be aware of the fishing laws and regulations but if not, get to know them before setting out. It may just save you a lot of trouble somewhere down the line.

Decide What You Want To Catch

It is hard to know which fish you want to choose when you’re just starting out. There are so many options to choose from and a lot of experts will say you must have a certain group in mind. However, in all honesty, you don’t. This isn’t a professional career for you and if you want to have fun and just ‘go with the flow’ then why not experiment and see what fish are out there.

You may find you start off catching any fish that comes your way but later on, you decide on a specific type of fish. This is good because it allows you the time to get a feel of what type of fish are out there and which you want to concentrate on. Deciding which fish you are going to target before you have even had a taste of fishing is a little crazy because you might change your mind later.

Tell Someone Where You Are Going

It doesn’t matter how skilled or confident you are, you always must inform a close friend or a relative of the destination. Going fishing alone is one thing but not informing others of where you are could be extremely dangerous. If something should happen to you, no one knows where you are and for safety’s sake, you must let someone know where you plan to fish.

Fishing for Fun

Thousands of people take fishing way too seriously and forget that it can be fun. Yes, you need to be serious when you are out on the water but you can also make it fun. You don’t need to jump up and down on the water or do something crazy but just enjoy the experience. Fishing is all about fun and experience something new so don’t forget it.